10 Recipes To Make You The MacGyver of Black beans

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Black Bean Recipes
Mom and Kid Approved Recipes

Black beans are a pantry staple in my home. They are yummy all on their own and so versatile in a variety of dishes. Savory or Sweet they are a kitchen work horse I assure you. I’m not a Chef just a humble home cook who has discovered what a wonder black beans can be. I’ve done everything from black bean soup to fudgy flourless cookies in this recipe roundup for you. As always my family is your guinea pig- we’ve prepared and tasted all the recipes we link to. So, put down the takeout menu, stop dreading dinner or that dessert you have to take to the potluck or school bake sale and come cook with me !

Why Black Beans Are a Pantry Must ?

Besides being super yummy, black beans are highly nutritious. They contain antioxidants, loads of soluble fiber and insoluble fiber. I’m not a nutritionist- so here’s an article to explain things better than I ever can. Second cost for a can of black beans at Aldi organic non-gmo $0.89. That’s fan freakintastic people! I can use two cans and whatever else is in the recipe and feed my horde of hungry humans for cheap and be healthy too ! That’s a win win in this Mom’s book.

1. An Obvious Choice but Delicious Black Bean Soup

It’s crunch time, dinner needs to be on the table in an hour. Make Quick Black Bean Soup. Chicken broth, canned tomatoes, black beans and a couple of spices. You can use dried instead of fresh. Top with a little sour cream and some green onions for color and voila’ you have dinner.

2. 10 Minute Black Bean Tacos

What kid does not love Tacos ? If anyone raises their hands I’m sorry. Really truly these tacos are phenomenal. Ten minutes and just a few ingredients and dinner is done. Take that, takeout menu, you aren’t needed here! Get the recipe here.

3. 20 Minute Black Bean Burgers

Do you have a yen for a veggie burger? Put those frozen veggie burgers down and make these instead. In 20 minutes you have perfectly cooked Black Bean Burgers that the whole family will love. Cook some sweet potato fries as a side and the family will crown you Queen of Dinnertime.

4. Fully Loaded Black Bean Nachos

Melted cheese, crispy tortilla chips, protein loaded and tasty black beans, homemade salsa. What’s not to love. Don’t overlook this one because of the homemade word. This meal does come together easily. It is scrumptious, the family will lick their plates clean.

5. Fresh Black Bean Salad

Want to make something that can sit in the fridge and be taken out as soon as you get home. Not only is this salad great as a quick dinner it’s fan freakintastic as a side at parties or potlucks. Add some tortilla chips and the kids will be scooping this up like it’s their last meal.

6. Black Bean Enchiladas

Pile the family into the mini van and wait forever at a local Mexican restaurant – nope, no way, no how! Instead get off your keister and spend 40 minutes in the kitchen making these beauties. You will thank me pure yummy goodness. It’s awesome the family will eat it all. Minimalist Baker prides herself on recipes with 10 ingredients or less. This recipe is a TOTAL game changer people. Enjoy.

7. Crispy Black Bean Cakes With Sour Cream and Avocado

Confession time I make these delicious cakes ahead and crisp them up in the frying pan again. I serve them with guacamole and sour cream on the side. It’s a universal truth if the kids can dip something for dinner it’s a win win. Yes, you have to use the food processor or in my case a vita mix to smooth this batter. But it’s totally worth it to prep these bad boys on Sunday and have them ready for that night when you need food NOW.

8. Black Bean Brownies

Insert gasp of delight here ! Yes, you CAN make a delicious dessert with a can of black beans. Make these perfect black bean brownies for a sweet treat the family will looouuuuveee and you will be the undisputed diva of dessert. I love cooking these up with my vita mix to make a nice smooth batter and this pan to bake them in . Each brownie has it’s own delicious edges with this pan and isn’t that really the best part ?

9. Secretly Healthy Black Bean Chocolate Truffles

Want a healthy, gluten-free, vegan dessert to quash those chocolate cravings without throwing everything out of whack ? Then you MUST make these beauties seriously I’m a believer I watched the kids throw down on these like a starving man at a buffet table. It was awesome. The kids got something “sweet” and I know they aren’t gobbling up something sweet that will make me cringe to read the ingredient label. The protein boost with the vega protein powder is awesome AF too.

10. Fudgy Flourless Black Bean Cookies

Another delightfully delicious black bean dessert this time a cookie. Pardon me while I wipe the drool off of my chin. Want a decadent gluten-free cookie that will amaze everyone and no one will know about the beans unless you tell them ? Then you need to make these amazeballs cookies from GlutenFree on a ShoeString. If you’re trying to feed someone with gluten as a dietary restriction, she has all the knowledge you need. Buy her cookbooks here , here and here too it’s life changing information people.

Go Get Your MacGyver On People

Black beans are delicious, versatile, and a highly nutritious pantry staple that can be used in so many ways. What other ways do you create kitchen magic with a can of black beans ? If you still need help planning what’s for dinner check out my Beginners Guide to Meal Planning or my 5 Days 50 Dollar Meal Plan and last but not least my 7 days of Dinners Plan with Printable Grocery and Prep List. Remember sharing is caring ! So, please forward this post to someone if you think it could help them out or share on social media like Pinterest or Facebook. I appreciate it .

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