Beach and Pool Survival Guide

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Absolute Must Haves Guide For Beach and Pool Survival With Your Family

It’s Summertime school is out and you Mom are herding your little people to the pool or the beach on a regular basis depending on where you live. The kids love it you are ….okay with it or just downright frustrated by the end of the season . I used to look like a sherpa hauling all our assorted stuff to the pool and beach. Now, I’ve got it down to a science so I no longer look like I’m going to tip over from carrying so much junk. I believe these are a few easy solutions to your gear carrying drama. This is what we have found works for us and hopefully you too.

Stuff to Haul all your Stuff in

You need a wagon with giant thick monster truck like tires to go over sand at the beach or curbs or whatever life annoyances you must haul your stuff over under and around.

My top three recommendations are :

The Mac Sports Heavy Duty Collapsible Folding All Terrain Wagon. Why, do I like this one so much ? The all terrain tires go over EVERYTHING. It holds up to the abuse of my family beautifully. The wagon folds down and fits in the back of my Prius. When you don’t have the biggest baddest mini van or SUV space is a consideration. Although, I’m pretty sure I would find a way to cram to much into a minivan too. 😊

The Radio Flyer All-Terrain 3-in-1 EZ Folding wagon is another great option to pop the kids or the gear into. It folds down compactly for storage in a vehicle, closet, or garage. It has thick tires that make moving over sand, curbs and other varied terrains easier. Plus, it’s Radio Flyer I mean how iconic is that name ?

This Wagon has it all just like the others. Thick tires for easy navigation over all types of surfaces, sturdy materials and best of all you can push this one or pull it as you walk along. Personally I like the idea of pushing the wagon instead of pulling it it allows me to keep an eye on my peeps.

Bags for the Minimalist Beach and Pool Goers

My tiny humans are of the age the can walk and shlep some of their own gear to and from so we use these drawstring bags with open mesh they can carry like backpacks. Plus the mesh allows all the wet stuff to dry without getting moldy and stinky.

Next up, the Mom and Dad Gear Bag or as I call it all the crap I can’t get anyone else to haul for me. It holds the extra towels, sunscreen, first aid kit, snacks, and my reading material with ease. Plus the mesh allows me to haul all the wet things back with ease.

These Towels are Magical Seriously

Beach towels suck lets be honest here. They are big bulky and don’t dry quickly enough. Drying regular towels takes forever. Plus, they take up almost all the room in your bag. I found these beautiful gems here and am in love with them. They come in a variety of colors so once again give everyone their own color and less confusion. Buy them they are worth the investment. I swear you will not know how you did without them.

A Comfortable Seat

I don’t know about you but when I go to the beach I like a comfortable and easy to carry seat. Sitting on the sand is not for me. I prefer the lightweight chairs that you can carry in a bag over your shoulder. We have two different options that we use. Both chairs come with their own carry bags and are light weight and sturdy.

Shade Glorious Shade

An umbrella or a pop up shade cover is an absolute need at the beach. Our pool provides umbrellas so we don’t use anything there. We do have several things we alternate using at the beach depending on how many of us are there.

Want To sit on a blanket then use this umbrella or just give the kids their own fort at the beach.

The Extras to Make Pool and Beach Time Hassle Free

If I heard Mom it’s too bright out here one more time my head might explode. Polarized swimming googles and sun shades are a must for us. The googles have adjustable straps that make fitting them to your kiddos a breeze. The sunglasses are rubber so they are not as prone to breakage. They also come with a nice leash to keep them around the kiddos neck at when they take them off.

Life Vest

We love taking our kids to the beach and while they are excellent swimmers we still make them wear a life vest. These adjust easily and wash nicely with the hose when you come home.

Sun Hats and Sun Screen

We all wear large brimmed hats when not in the water at the pool or beach. The extra large brim shades us from the sun and provides extra protection from a sunburn .

Our favorite sun block is Banana Boat Simply Protect Mineral Based Sunscreen Kids SPF 50. This is a mineral sunscreen instead of a chemical based sunscreen. The kiddos tend to get super red in the face when ever we use other sunscreens. Bonus for those of you with sensitive kids it’s fragrance free also.


Drinks and snacks are a must have at the pool and the beach. We use a cooler that fits into the wagon or carry things in a backpack cooler. The first cooler is great for groceries too.

First Aid Kits

Being a hyper aware Mom and always more cautious then most. Because of that I have a First Aid Kit in my car, purse and I carry one to all our athletic and outdoor activities. I’m a little bit overprotective ☺️. Below are the links to the kits I use.

Thats all folks ..

I’ve freaked out about the beach and the pool and brought you a list of the gear we use and given you the why. Thank you, for reading and please share this post on social media if you enjoyed it.

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