Garden Like A Boss The How To Guide For The Slacker Mom

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Do you wander the garden center at places like Home Depot and look longingly at the potted herbs, lettuces, tomato plants and other summer gardening treats ? If I told you I grew everything but the rosemary from seeds would you believe me ? Well, guess what I did and my kids helped and are enjoying it still to this day. Gardening is a chore and as a Mom I know we have ENOUGH of those. But, follow my guide and you will be gardening like a BOSS with as little effort as possible. It all requires just a little planning ahead. It’s not to late to buy starter plants and get your garden on !

Do Your Reading

The first step in gardening and doing it with as little effort as possible is to work smarter not HARDER. Gather reading materials that will educate you and give you an idea of what you need to get started. I personally am always stuck with a small yard. So, I researched and found the best books on container gardening, composting, and vertical gardening. The following books have been very useful for us for 5 years now.

Container Gardens The Biggest Bang For Your Buck

Till and work the ground in my back yard? No, thank you. Container gardens I can move from house to house YES PLEASE. Ed Smith is the Author of the Vegetable Gardener’s container Bible and one of my Heroes. The idea of gardening a few years ago with two kids under five was freakin’ overwhelming to say the least. However, reading this book explains things in a manner even the most sleep deprived Mom can understand. He takes you through the entire process of gardening starting with seeds or six packs(starter plants) then on the what containers to use how to care of the plants, manage pest and when to harvest the little suckers. It is idiot proof black thumbs need not fear bad results with this book in your arsenal.

The Greenhouse You Can Store Almost Anywhere

Oh, Origami you’ve made my Greenhouse dreams come true ! This little gem has given me a place to start my seeds without having to haul the individual trays inside at night. It keeps them warm and safe all day outside in the sun. The bottom has casters that allowed me to just roll it into the house at night. I used this starting in March and come May I had starter plants ready to go into the ground. I realize it is an investment up front but you will use it for years to come.

Watering is a Hassle No More

Let’s be honest here people sometimes I might not get to the watering of the garden as soon as I would like. These City Picker Raised Growing Beds with Casters have saved my bacon on more than one occasion. The self watering feature is fantastic. You follow the assembly directions and when you water you fill the black pipe in the corner with the water and the roots have ready access to what they need all day.


Are you going to Garden ? Let me know what you think of the tips and tools I’ve discussed in the article. I know we are all busy but these things really do make it worth it. Thanks, for reading and let me know what you think. Don’t forget to please share this post on facebook, and pinterest.

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