Meal Plan July 18th – July 25th

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Raise your hand if you don’t know what’s for dinner. That used to be me too. Then I got my act together. Meal Planning and Prep getting you down ? I have your back we can do this meal planning thing. I’ve received a few emails about variety and how hard it is. This week I have not one but 2 meals you can make in 30 minutes and two meals you make in the crockpot. We also have a delicious salad that requires nothing but chopping vegetables and making salad dressing. Have you ever made your own salad dressing ? I promise you once you make your own you will NEVER BUY bottled salad dressing again. It’s stupid easy and so so so YUMMY! But I am rambling here the purpose of this post is to show you guys you can do this. So, lucky readers I’m doing a menu, grocery list and prep list for you this week.

The Good Idea Fairies I use for Recipes

I love finding people that already have stuff figured out and using it for my own betterment. Remember, my site tag line says “Freakin’ Out So You Don’t Have To”. The sites you will find I am constantly pulling my meal plan recipes from are;

  • Budget Bytes Why do I love this site ? She posts easy delicious affordable recipes that even the most novice home cook can do. All recipes have a cost breakdown included which is a huge bonus. All the recipes make cooking on a budget an experience you will wan to repeat. There is a Budget Bytes App and a Budget Bytes Cookbook. I encourage you to check both out.
  • Skinny Taste Is a wonderful website with yet even more delicious, healthy and easily prepared recipes. I own several of the cookbooks and am a total fangirl. Her latest is linked here One and Done is a staple in my house. It includes some truly delicious recipes that use the must have kitchen gadget of the year the air fryer. If you haven’t hopped on the bandwagon yet and bought one I recommend this one highly.
  • The Kitchn Do you find yourself seeking answers to kitchen questions? Like how do I roast a whole chicken or hard boil eggs. Or, do you just a need a recipe for the office potluck. Bookmark The Kitchn NOW. You will thank me later. I promise.
  • 100 Days Of Real Food When I discovered Food Bloggers and all they where about this was a constant go to. Do you want to cook with real food think it can’t be done on a budget. Go here learn everything suck up the wisdom and then buy the cookbook.

The Menu

The Grocery List Okay I’ve made a PDF with the grocery list organized by section of the store. Click here to download the list and print it out. I included everything down to the pantry staples this week. Take a pen and the list and get going to the grocery store no takeout this week! Money saving tip if it’s not on your grocery list do not buy it . Are you overwhelmed with grocery shopping because it’s the summer ? Try Instacart grocery delivery, Shipt or WalMart Grocery Pickup . Want to know about Instacart use my referal code for $10 dollars of your first order. You can find the code and a review of Instacart here.

The Prep List

Need a printable version of the prep list ? Download it here

Wednesday – Go forth and grocery shop people

Wednesday Night

  • Make sure chicken drumsticks are left in refrigerator to thaw
  • Wash and slice cucumber place in container leave in fridge for Thursday night

Thursday Morning

  • Take out the slowcooker(I loooovvveee this one)
  • Make sauce to go over chicken drumsticks
  • Place chicken drumsticks in slow cooker
  • Pour sauce over chicken drumsticks
  • Place covered stoneware portion of slowcooker in refrigerator
  • Set Alarm on phone to remind you to take out the chicken and start cooking
  • Set another alarm to remind you 30 minutes before Chicken is done start brown rice

Thursday Night or Friday Morning

  • Make the citrus vinaigrette to go with the green salad
  • Make the whole wheat pizza dough (place in fridge it will rise before dinner)
  • Dice /Chop/Cook and Toppings necessary for pizza
  • Get out your pizza stone (this is the one I’ve used and abused you know you want a crispy crust 😋)

Saturday Morning or Friday Night

  • Make sure to take out the Salmon thaw it if frozen
  • Wash and Chop brussel sprouts

Saturday Night or Sunday Morning

  • Clean and chop peppers and onions
  • Thaw chicken sausage

Sunday Night or Monday Morning

  • Make the meat balls and place them in a covered container. Place container in the refrigerator
  • Chop vegetables for the salad ( I didn’t do a recipe I figured you guys know what you want in a side salad)
  • Make more salad dressing or use what was leftover from Friday nights dinner

Monday Night or Tuesday Morning

  • Prepare the black bean mixture for the tostadas. (It reheats well)
  • Chop any toppings that will keep in the fridge until dinner
  • If using Salsa my family loves this premade stuff when times a factor
  • This tortilla warmer is great for keeping the tostadas warm as you cook them before topping them

Tuesday Night or Wednesday Morning

  • Make the salad dressing
  • Chop any vegetables that will keep

Whew…Done And Boy Am I Tired 😉

Just a few last thoughts about this week and things you might need. I use these containers in the refrigerator for leftovers and prep. No they aren’t made of glass because I am a realist when it comes to breakables in the home. They stack up beautifully in the cabinets and the kids can take them to school for lunches and snacks. I am also not going to cry if they do not always come home again. (The containers not the kids lol) . Grocery shopping is a breeze if I have to go to more than one store because I use these cooler bags.

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to share this post on Pinterest and Facebook especially if you found it helpful.

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