Online Grocery Delivery with Instacart at Aldi

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Instacart and Aldi have teamed up . We review Prices for you !

What Is Instacart ?

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Instacart is an Online and App based grocery delivery service. Providing you the convenience of shopping online and having the groceries delivered to your door by one of their personal Shoppers. The Shopper receives the order and goes to the store and does the shopping for you.

Aldi My Favorite Store

Aldi is my favorite grocery store of all time. When we lived in Texas it was heartbreaking there wasn’t an Aldi near by. When I saw Instacart delivery form Aldi was available I was thrilled. I mean get my groceries don’t have to drag the kids to the store with me and get a great price typical of Aldi. What could be better than that to a busy Mom ?

Uh…Oh…Not So Awesome Prices

I eagerly logged onto the Instacart website and created my account. I began to fill my cart with groceries from my list for the week. The first thing that caught my eye was Bananas the Instacart price was $0.45 a pound. In store the Bananas are priced at $0.38 a pound. Yes, I know only $0.07 a pound however little differences like that begin to add up quickly. Eggs priced at $1.09 on Instacart and $0.99 in Store. So, after further research I decided to get up and go shopping at Aldi. Below is my receipt for the store purchases. I have also included a screen shot of my Instacart cart .

The Ice Cream was not available on Instacart 🙁

Sooo….What I think about Instacart

My in store total was $89.47 my Instacart total was $87.03 before delivery. However I wasn’t able to add the Ice cream into my Instacart total. Which would have brought it to $89.52 + $4.99 delivery fee + the default 5% tip fee bringing my total to $99.23. Shopping in store cost less when you figure in all the little extras. However, If I was pressed for time and needed groceries delivered I would use Instacart.

Final Thoughts

Would you like to see my do an Instacart order with Aldi ? A review on the blog and a video on Youtube? Do you think Instacart is worth the price difference? Don’t forget to comment below and let me know. Please, share this post on Facebook and Pinterest .

Thanks !

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