The Beginners Guide to Meal Planning

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The Beginners Guide to Meal Planning

  • Why is meal planning important? Even, if you call it Menu planning, Dinner Planning, Grocery Plan or Food Prep Plan meal planning is important because it takes away the eternal question “What’s for dinner? ”
  • Imagine it’s five o’clock you’ve just gotten home and are staring at the fridge wondering what to feed your family again. That was me several years ago until I decided to get out from under the dinner time monster. Now, at five o’clock I always know What’s for dinner and how I’m getting it on the table.

What is Meal Planning ?

  • Planning is sitting down once a week or once at month and figuring out what’s for dinner.
  • It is not complicated.
  • Preparing a plan is not time consuming.
  • Planning meals is entirely what you make it.
  • You make the meal plan suit you are your family’s life style.

How to get started with Meal Planning

  • A Notepad and Pen
  • Your favorite cookbooks or cooking websites
  • Quiet (I plan my meals in the morning before the kids get up )
  • A get it done attitude. Meal planning success comes when you just go ahead and do it.

Tips for Success in Meal Planning

  • “Shop” the pantry and freezer first
  • Set aside the same day each week for meal planning
  • Grocery shop on the same day
  • Make a Grocery list and stick to it
  • Stop beating yourself up this does not have to be perfect

Common Questions/FAQ About Meal Planning

  • Where do I start ?
    • Stick with your trusted go to recipes at first . It takes some of the guess work out of it and relieves the will they eat this anxiety.
  • How many days should I meal plan for each week ?
    • Start small until you find your meal planning grove. I started with 4 days a week.
  • Will meal planning save me money ?
    • Everyone is different. My family saved money because meal planning cut down on our drive-thru runs dramatically.
  • Is it hard to stick to meal planning ?
    • Find what works for you. Like most things in life you just have to do it. Once that hurdle is jumped everything gets a little easier.
  • Does Meal Planning mean I have to cook every night ?
    • No! Some nights we have a double batch of something cooked. We eat it later in the week or freeze it for next time.

The Last Thing You Need to Know about Meal Planning

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